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Below are options for one-time donations as well as the yearly-recurring Yearly Supporter. 
AP3 is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Whydonateto AP3?

Anchor Press, Paper & Print is the premier public printmaking studio in Milwaukee and all of Southeastern Wisconsin. Students learn printmaking practices in college or workshops and desire to make prints, but lack the equipment. Before AP3 opened its doors, artists in Southeastern Wisconsin had little to no options to express themselves through printmaking due to the lack of community studios and the barriers to owning print equipment. We make this equipment accessible.

AP3 also aims to educate people of all ages and backgrounds on the fine art printmaking practice and history. We offer workshops for adults as well as programming for school groups. 

AP3 is solely funded by the community that we have created. Be a part of the movement putting the press back into the hands of the people. 

For your choice of donation

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Your support has made AP3 a reality. Together we make printmaking possible!


Robert Norman

Trisha Young

Catherine Martin

Delaney Rook

Maria Lynch

Donna Genzmer

Melanie Ariens

John Fleissner

Stephen Anderson

Tait Peterson

Kevin Heintz

Mariana Hernandez

Ina Bharat

Kelly Moore

Vicki Holt

Patrick Mutsune

Sarah Ponto

Sixto Villegas

Danah Popland-Dods

Charles Allenstein

Leonard Ellia

Karin Jamel

Samuel Hacker

J. Chairelli

Greg Martens (Board Member) & Sharon Martens

William Robison

Nancy Angelini

Rachel Foster (Board Member)

Julia Scheckel (Board Member)

Amelia Faist

Jessicanne Skierski

Charles Mead

Jeffrey Waldor

Peyton Wells

Barbara Mine

David Jones & Marilyn Propp (Board Member)

Conhg Ausencio

Lara Huber

Natalie & Steven

James Nicholas

Peyton Wells

Daniel Riemer

William Schaeffer

Alexander Renier

Justin Giunta

Daniel Grimes

Andrew Stronzinsky

Phillip Colleran

Emma Erickson

Eric Purdue

Paul Hoff

David Rojas

Maddie Mattson

Alan Peralta

Katherine Stensberg

Kristen Lambert

Yardena Robb

Evon Lisle

Gabrielle Fell

Hunter Louis

Jacob Verdien

Dr. Theresa A. Kenney and Jack Kenney

Melanie Ariens

Raoul Deal

P. Schulze

Dr. Lewis Chamoy

Anita Jung

Jennifer Graetz

Josh Hintz

Cristina Ossers

Jenna Wilson

Stephen Woodall

Elke Claus

Diane Levesque

Deborah Maris Lader

K’ot Magik

Lauren Hoke

Susan Bietila

Pamela  Anderson

Dara Larson

Todd Schuster

Catherine Pfeifer & Paul Chavez

Bruce Goldsmith

Barbara Miner

Aaron Hastings

Jessica Meuninck-Ganger  (Board Member) & Jeff Ganger

Shana Lucas

Shannon Lopez

Joel Butler

Christine Style

Jennifer Graetz

Tania Black

R. Radloff

Caroline Reinwald

Howard Leu

Arts and Craftsmanship

Kristine Hinrichs

Dana Kleiman

Cameron Hansen

Kristine Hinrichs

Diego Heredia

Cameron Hansen

Caroline Reinwald

Jane Thomsen

Morgan Braaten Design

Kyle Yost

Joel Butler

Robin Koutecky

Samantha Hermann

Steven Poulos

Marie Daniel Group

Tania Black

William Schaeffer

George Muller & Mitzi Lorentzen

Erika Walker

Nirmal Raja

Jeff Ginsberg

Sarah Smelser

Roland Kulla

Tracy Honn

Levi Sherman

Eric Martin

Michael Barnes

Richard Repasky

Kevin Haas

Mike and Hibbe Jones

Elke Claus

Carla McGrath & Cole Rogers

Terrence Chouinard

Arlie Walker

Barry Roal Carlsen

William Chambers

Brandie Ferree

Celeste Contreras (Board Member)

George Muller & Mitzi Lorentzen


Thank you to Cranfield for sponsoring us with their lovely inks, to Legion Paper for providing us with the best paper in the world, to Takach for supporting our workshops with supplies, for the Bader Foundation for supporting our programs with Future Urban Leaders, for the House of RAD for being, well, RAD, and for the UWM Print Club for working with us, and ALL our supporters, donors, and volunteers. 

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