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AP3 2024 Calendar_edited_edited.jpg

Inaugural AP3 Calendar

Here are the Milwaukee artists included in this calendar:
Melanie Ariens - Cover
Celeste Contreras - Envelope
David Jones - January
Kathryn D’Amato - February
Paula Schulze - March
Julia Scheckel - April
Beth Stoddard - May
Rachel Foster - June
Marilyn Propp - July
Teddy Dean Lepley III - August
Raoul Deal - September
Gregory Martens - October
Conhg Lopez - November
Jessica Meuninck-Ganger - December

These artists donated their time to make this calendar portfolio possible, which in turn keeps AP3 alive. We are the premiere public printmaking studio in Milwaukee. Many students learn printmaking in college or elsewhere and then desire to make prints but lack the equipment. We make printmaking possible! So consider supporting us by purchasing a calendar 

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