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We're trying something new!

For participants who want a 4-week focus with light instruction, you can register in advance for 4 consecutive Open Studio sessions on Thursdays from 12-4pm and learn specialized techniques. The $115 cost includes the regular Open Studio fee of $25 plus an extra $15 for the photopolymer plate. The supervising facilitator, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, will provide following program: 


July 11: Preparing digital files for screenprinting, photopolymer, and photo litho processes.


July 18: Exposing, processing, and printing photopolymer plates for Intaglio printing 


July 25: Color magic… chine colle’, stencils, and surface/viscosity rolls for intaglio.


August 1: Paper discussion… knowing the qualities and uses of different papers. Paper effects... surface sizing, using wax, gum arabic, and gelatin to make printed papers translucent, rigid, sculptural, and more.

Guided Open Studio

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